Why the phone does not see the SIM card and what to do?

A SIM card is a small piece of plastic with a microcircuit, thanks to which we can communicate with friends, family and relatives, at work, etc. But sometimes the device suddenly stops seeing the SIM card and the question arises – what should I do? There can be many reasons, and therefore there are plenty of solutions. Let’s figure it out together.

Turn airplane mode on and off

The simplest solution, which helps in a fairly large number of cases, is to turn the flight mode on and off. With it, you turn on offline mode, and then turn it off, the network may appear again.

Call up the quick access menu by swiping from the top to the bottom of the screen, and select “Airplane Mode”.

The icon has changed color. Wait 5-10 seconds.

Turn off airplane mode and check if the SIM card is working..

Reboot your smartphone

If the first method did not help, try restarting your smartphone. To do this, press and hold the power key for about 1-2 seconds.

Then a menu will appear on the screen, in it select “Reboot”.

And wait for the reboot to finish.

Remove the SIM tray

Didn’t help again? Remove the SIM card tray from your smartphone. Act very carefully: take a special key (an ordinary paper clip is also suitable), insert it into the slot on the tray and press gently.

Press until the tray appears.

Now remove the tray with your hands, check if the SIM card is positioned correctly, and insert the tray back to the end.

Check the functionality of the SIM card.

SIM card pollution

By the way, while the SIM card is in front of you, you can inspect it for pollution – and this applies to contacts.

How to clean contacts? It is recommended to use an eraser, and you need to act carefully, without touching the contacts with your hands.

Tray is damaged

The option is unlikely, but if the smartphone has ceased to see the SIM card after mechanical exposure, the case may be in the tray itself – it is damaged. Remove it and carefully inspect. Replace if necessary..

SIM card stopped working

Usually this problem appears if the SIM card has been used for many years. Here, you understand, the solution is one and very simple – to contact the nearest office of the mobile operator with a passport and replace the SIM. By the way, there is no need to trim it, today SIM cards are available in all necessary variations.

SIM card is cropped incorrectly

But if you cut the SIM card yourself, there is a risk of cropping it incorrectly, and then replacements cannot be avoided.

Smartphone system malfunction or mechanical damage

You can check it this way: take another smartphone or phone and check the connection on it. Works? So the thing is in your device.

If we are talking about a software problem, you can reset or reflash the device.

If the problem is mechanical, then only service will help.

SIM card lock

Probably, all mobile operators switched to the scheme when the SIM is blocked, if the user does not perform paid services on it. Moreover, if the SIM card was blocked due to automatic blocking, it is no longer possible to unlock it – unless connecting a SIM card with a new number.

The smartphone is locked to a specific operator

If you buy a smartphone from abroad, it can be blocked for the work of a particular telecom operator and will not work with other SIM cards. A simple example is the same iPhone.

As a rule, there is the possibility of untying, but it costs money. Is it worth paying for such a service, the user decides for himself.