What is the NCK code in the phone / smartphone?

Imagine that you purchased a smartphone from a service provider. Use it for a while, then decide to change the operator. You get a new SIM card, insert it into your smartphone and … A message appears on the screen asking you to enter the NCK code. What is it and what is it for??

You probably know that mobile operators sell locked smartphones and phones: they work with only one operator. If you insert a SIM card of another telecom operator into the slot, the device will not work, and the screen will ask you to enter the same NCK code that is necessary to unlock the device.

Our smartphones are tied to such operators as Beeline, MTS, Megafon. However, we note that the idea was not born here, but abroad – the binding of specific devices to the telecom operator has long existed in America. Take the iPhone for an example. Why do I need a lock? It’s simple: it’s beneficial for the operator to use only its services, and he, in turn, sells the device at a discount. Both parties are satisfied.

But back to the NCK code. If the device is locked under a certain telecom operator, this does not mean that it will not work with SIM cards of other operators – it will, but only after entering the NCK code. Where to get it? The mobile operator has an NCK code. Operators abroad act as follows: they themselves can unlock the phone, but you will have to pay an NCK code. As a rule, the cost is not so small that users do not really want to buy an NCK code, so they are not in special demand. As for the Russian operators, according to our data, NCK codes are not sold by them. However, on the Internet you can find a lot of organizations that are engaged in the sale of services for unlocking devices. Whether they help or not, we do not know. At the same time, remember that some devices cannot be unlocked in principle – there is no technical possibility.