What is the cache of games and applications on Android?

Many of you, dear users of devices based on the Android operating system, have probably heard of a certain cache that must be installed with the .apk file. Of course, most users do not understand what, in fact, we are talking about. So what about?

In this case, the cache of games and applications is a kind of archive that contains all the basic data necessary to run the game or application itself. The cache includes textures, levels, audio and video clips, application data, and other files. If you install the .apk file without a cache, then you can probably launch the application, but you won’t be able to do anything else – it will not be corny loaded further.

If you download the game from the same Google Play service, the cache will be downloaded automatically due to the Internet connection, so the user himself does not need to resort to any additional actions. Another thing is if you download the application from a third-party resource, where the .apk file and cache must be installed separately. Moreover, if users seem to have no problems installing the .apk file, then in the case of a cache there may be several. For example, this is the size of the cache folder. If we are talking about some cool game with great graphics and lots of levels, then the volume of the cache folder can easily take up several gigabytes of free space. Therefore, you need to see in advance whether there is enough space for the cache.

By the way, you also need to know that the cache does not always correctly allow the application to start and work on various devices. For example, on one of the devices the game works fine without any glitches, while on the other device of another company it may not even start.

Now let’s talk about how the cache is installed..

The first method: automatically

We already managed to mention about him a little higher. The bottom line is simple: the user downloads the game from Google Play. The game is automatically installed on the device. After starting the game, the user can immediately start playing it, since the installation of the cache also occurs automatically. If it is necessary to download the cache, the system will do this completely automatically, unless it asks the user whether he agrees to download the necessary data. If the user gives a positive answer, the system downloads the cache and installs it in the desired directory.

This is the most convenient option for the user, since the only thing he needs to do is tap the screen a couple of times. Well, it’s also worth taking care of the extra space in the device’s memory. Do not forget that the size of the cache folder can be so large that it is better to use a Wi-Fi connection.

The second way: manually

In this case, the user will have to act differently. It should download the installation .apk file and the packed cache separately. This can also be done using a regular computer, after which the files are transferred to the tablet or phone. With a cache transfer, it’s better to wait. The .apk file is installed first. And only after that the cache is transferred to the device, and in a certain directory – which one, you can find out when downloading files. If the cache is located in the wrong directory, then the application may start, but you still cannot use it. If the files are in the correct directories, there will be no problems launching applications.