What is eFax messenger?

How do you use eFax on messenger?

Send a Fax Through eFax Messenger for Windows

  1. Type the recipient’s fax number in the To field. Multiple recipients can be entered into the field.
  2. Choose contacts from the eFax Messenger Address Book. To do so, click the Address Book icon ( ). When the Address Book opens, select the recipient and click Add to Fax.

What is eFax and how does it work?

eFax® saves you money, and a whole bunch of time. We start by letting you fax by email, which frees you from the office fax machine. Then we free you from the office entirely by letting you send and receive faxes right from your tablet or smartphone, wherever you happen to be.

Can eFax be trusted?

Is eFax legit? eFax is safe to use, especially in comparison to a regular fax machine. Instead of your information sitting on a fax machine for anyone to see, eFax files go to your personal inbox. eFax also offers enhanced security encryption that sends an email with a URL that logs you in with a TLS connection.

Is eFax Messenger free?

eFax Messenger is a free downloadable desktop application that can be used to enhance your eFax service to cover your online faxing needs. This free fax software for Windows 10 allows you to create and edit faxes, complete with text notes and signatures.

Is eFax still free?

eFax. eFax offers a free version through which you’re assigned a virtual fax number, though not a toll-free one. You can receive up to 10 faxed pages per month and view faxes through the free eFax Messenger software. … The service also offers paid plans if you need to receive more faxes and want to send them as well.

What is the difference between a fax and an eFax?

Fax machines are not supportive of flexible work. They are not mobile or remotely connective. eFax, however, is a completely remote experience. You can send online fax from anywhere you have an internet connection, which means flexible working becomes easy for anyone who needs to send fax as part of their job.

How do you receive an eFax?

Your eFax® number allows you to receive a fax from anyone, even those without an eFax account, just like a regular fax number. All faxes sent to your eFax number arrive in your email inbox as either a PDF or TIFF attachment. Simply open your email and double click the attachment to view your fax.

Is eFax a good app?

Overall, eFax is simple, straightforward, and popular. The mobile app is modern, and you’ll benefit from high-quality faxes. eFax does fall short in terms of value. There are more affordable options out there, and it’s not great for high-volume users.

Is eFax easy to cancel?

If you need to cancel your account, you can easily do so online:* Log in to your eFax web portal. Go to the “Account Details” section on the top navigation. Click on the “Billing” tab – here you will find the “Cancel My Account” link.

What is the best free fax from computer?

10 Best Online Fax Services to Send a Free Fax Without Fax Machine

  • CocoFax – Top Secure and Reliable Fax Service to Fax Online.
  • FaxZero – Free and Ease to Use Fax Service Providing Basic Functions.
  • FaxBurner – Fast Fax Service for Both Online and Mobile Users.

Sep 24, 2021

How do I use eFax on my computer?

Log in to your eFax account online. Click Send Faxes. Choose a recipient from your pre-entered contacts, or type in the recipient’s name and company. Click Select Fax-To Country and choose your recipient’s location.

How do I use eFax?

Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Create a new email message.
  2. In the "To:" field, enter the recipient’s fax number followed by @efaxsend.com. For example: …
  3. Attach the file(s) (10 maximum) you would like to send as a fax. To include a cover page, type the text in the body of the email message. …
  4. Click Send.

How can I receive free faxes from my email?

The eFax free trial gives you a free fax number for incoming and outgoing faxes. Send and receive faxes from your email program or log in to an online portal for faxing (the online portal even lets you sign faxes). During the trial, you can send and receive up to 150 documents.

How is eFax different from email?

Email fax is exactly what it sounds like. … Email fax removes the need for fax machine hardware, as your files can be sent and received through entirely online platforms. The eFax email fax service works with all email providers.

Can eFax be hacked?

Yes, fax machines can be hacked — well, kind of. … You cannot hack into a fax machine and access what’s on it like you can an email. The fax machine as a unit is not what is vulnerable to hackers. Instead, it’s those pieces of technology connected to it that are hackable.

How do I verify eFax?

Make Sure Your Faxes Are Sent Successfully When you send a fax, a confirmation receipt will be sent to your email address, confirming successful transmission. You can also view the send activity log in your online account. To view activity logs online: Login to eFax MyAccount.

How do I know if someone received my fax?

How to know if a fax was sent? You can tell if a fax is completely transmitted (and received by the other fax machine) if your fax has printed a confirmation page. It is a page that summarizes the time and date, number of pages, and destination fax number.

What is the monthly cost for eFax?

eFax Specs

Price Per Month $16.95
Pages Per Month 150 Pages Sent, 150 Pages Received
Overage Charges 10 Cents Per Page
Free Setup No
International Numbers Yes