What happens if you reset the settings on Android to factory settings?

In devices based on the Android operating system, there is a section with which you can reset the hard reset of a tablet or smartphone, which, by the way, we already talked about. Some users are interested in what happens..

Resetting the settings to factory settings is necessary for the user if, for example, he wants to get the device in its original form, since when resetting, absolutely all data is deleted, including photos, videos, applications and other files, and the system returns to its original state, including all settings. It is for this reason that you need to backup – saving data in case you still have to do Hard Reset. Phone numbers can be retrieved using your Google Account if this information is synchronized with your account.

An example based on a Huawei smartphone. Go to settings.

Select the System section.

Here is the line “Reset”.

Next, click “Reset Phone”.

It remains only to tap on the button “Reset phone settings”.

You can, by the way, use the menu search by key discharge.

There are other reasons for resetting. So, the device may start to work slowly, there are slowdowns, glitches, etc. If this is related to any application, it is advisable to remove it and check the system’s performance, however if you don’t know what’s the matter, you can reset the settings.

So the only minus of resetting the settings is data loss, which the system warns about. Some users do not know this, and then wonder where all their photos, music, videos, etc. went. Once again we repeat – if you need this data, before resetting, transfer it somewhere else, for example, to a computer or to cloud storage. After reset, you can download them back to the device.