What does the eye icon on a Honor or Huawei phone mean?

Smartphones from Huawei (Honor), like smartphones of other brands, have their own characteristics. What kind? For example, this is the ability to create a screenshot with three fingers – they need to be drawn across the screen. And what does the eye icon in the status bar mean??

If you accidentally opened this article and don’t understand what it is all about, here is a screenshot (all attention is to the upper right part of the screen):

Did you notice the eye icon? So it raises questions. As often happens, everything is very simple and there are no secrets – this is a special mode of “Vision Protection”, which, according to the creators, reduces UV radiation, thereby reducing eye fatigue when working with the display. When this mode is turned on, the screen acquires a characteristic yellowish tint. Does the function work? Each person is unique, so we won’t speak for everyone, but in our case, we really feel less tired.

How to enable or disable this functionality? Call up the shortcut menu or simply “curtain” and find the “Vision Protection” icon.

When disconnected, the corresponding icon will disappear from the status bar, and the “yellowness” of the screen will disappear.

In addition, this function can be enabled or disabled through the “Settings”. Select Screen.

Tap on the line “Vision Protection”.

Enable or disable the feature.

Please note that in the off mode, you can set the schedule for turning on the function, and in the on mode, select the color temperature.