Take a Windows screenshot

You want to take a Windows screenshot? Then read in this article, how it works and which key combinations you use for it.

Quick guide

  • To take a screenshot of the entire screen, press the button [Print]. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard.
  • On some notebooks you reach the [Print]-button only in combination with the [Fn]-Key.
  • To take a screenshot of a window hold [Alt] pressed and tap [Print].
  • To save a freely selectable area as a screenshot, hold down the keys [Toggle] and [Windows] buttons and tap [s]. Then select the section of the image.
  • To save a screenshot of the entire screen immediately, hold down the [Windows]-key and tap [Print]. The screenshot will be saved in the folder Images\Screen Snapshots saved.


  • Quick guide
  • How to take screenshot in Windows
  • Save screenshot as image
  • Take a screenshot of a window
  • Screenshot with Snipping Tool
    • Take screenshot with time delay
    • Take snapshots of menus
  • Take a screenshot with Word
  • More tips about screen snapshots


Take a screenshot in Windows

How to take a screenshot and save it to the clipboard.

  1. Press the [Print] or [Print Screen] on your keyboard.
  2. Now Windows has saved an image of your screen to the clipboard.
  3. Open the program where you want to copy the screenshot to.
  4. Press the key combination [Ctrl – V].

Take a screenshot and paste it into Windows

Save screenshot as image

Here’s how to save screen snapshots to your hard drive (Windows 8 and 10 only).

  1. Press the Windows key and at the same time [Print].
  2. A short dimming of the monitor shows you that the photo was taken.
  3. Call the Windows Explorer, for example with the key combination [Windows – E].
  4. Under the folder Libraries button from the left sidebar you will find the folder Pictures. Call it up and go to the subdirectory Screenshots.

Screenshots in Windows 8 can be saved directly in the Screenshots directory

As you can see in the picture, on a system with two monitors the contents of both screens are saved as one graphic.


Take a screenshot of a window

To take a screenshot of a window in Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Press the key combination [AltGr – Print] (Until Windows 7) or [Alt – Print] (from Windows 8.1).
  2. The screenshot is saved to the clipboard.
  3. Add the image with [Ctrl -V] in a graphics program.

screenshot with the Snipping Tool

With the “Snipping Tool” of Windows you can photograph and save freely defined screen sections. The Snipping Tool is available in all Windows versions since Windows Vista, so also in 7, 8 and 10.

1. To start the program, type in the bottom left of the Windows 10 search box snip on. Then click on Snipping Tool.

2. After starting the Snipping Tool you can have a look at the functions. If you click once on the small, downward pointing, triangle next to New you will see the snipping options. Even a freehand mode is available here. But for the example here we stay with Rectangular cutting.

Selecting the cutting mode in the Windows 7 Snipping Tool

3. Now start the application from which you want to take a screenshot. Once the program is loaded, switch to the Snipping Tool and click inside New.

4. The screen then changes color as if there were a pane of frosted glass in front of it. With the mouse, hold down the right mouse button and draw a rectangle that delimits the area to be photographed.

5. After releasing the mouse button the photographed area appears in a small window. You can then save the screenshot by clicking on the diskette icon.

A screenshot made with the snipping tool

Take screenshot with time delay

In the Snipping Tool of Windows 10, there is one more option, which is delay. You can use these to create screenshots with a time delay.

  1. Start the Snipping Tool as described.
  2. Click on Delay and select a value (this is in seconds).
  3. Click on New, to take the screenshot. After the number of seconds you set, the Snipping Tool will activate and you can take a screenshot.

The Snipping Tool in Windows 10 can also take screenshots time-shifted

Take snapshots of menus

If you want to use the Snipping Tool to photograph a menu, such as a context menu or the Start menu, proceed as follows:

  1. Launch the program as described.
  2. The utility would now be ready to fire. Per [Esc] exit this mode but.
  3. Switch to the program from which you want to take a screenshot and display the desired menu
  4. The key combination [Ctrl – Press] Now reactivate the Snipping Tool without making the menu disappear.
  5. Depending on the mode you set (rectangle, full screen, free area, window), now get the desired image section by clicking the mouse or dragging an area.

Photographing menus via snipping tool

Take screenshot with Word

Word allows you to take a screenshot and paste it directly into a document. This is ideal, for example, for illustrating instruction manuals or quickly combining information from multiple sources into one document.

To make a screenshot, click on Insert – Screenshot.

Make screenshot with Word

Now Word shows you the open windows. Click on one of the windows to insert it as a screenshot into your document.

If you want to select a section yourself, click on Screenshot and then use the mouse to select a section that will be copied into your text.

More tips about screen snapshots

  • Reduce and crop screenshots
  • Post-processing images with the “Photos” app in Windows 10
  • Make screenshots on Mac
  • Screenshot on iPhone and iPad.