iPhone does not see the SIM card. What to do?

Today we’ll talk about iPhone smartphones. Like any other device, the iPhone may surprise you with an unpleasant surprise, for example, when it does not see the SIM card. A logical question arises – what to do? How to solve this problem? Let’s consider options.

Pull out the tray and reinsert

The first thing you should do, if before that the SIM card worked fine, remove and insert the tray into the slot again. For example, if you went into the subway, the connection was lost and after exiting the subway is not restored.

Reboot iPhone

If this does not help, be sure to restart your iPhone. You won’t believe how often such a simple solution helps to solve problems with a smartphone.!

In addition, in some cases, the device can not be rebooted, but simply turn the flight mode on and off.

SIM card is cropped incorrectly

If you came to the salon of a mobile operator for a new SIM card and after that the smartphone does not see it, most likely the manager incorrectly cut the card. You need to ask to exchange it or, if possible, trim it correctly.

iPhone locked

If you just bought an iPhone from your hands, even if it’s a new one, but didn’t bother to check its connection to the network, it’s quite possible that this is a locked iPhone. The bottom line is: the device is tied to a specific carrier, that is, it only works with its SIM cards. What to do?

  • You can use the Turbo SIM adapter, but it’s inconvenient to use, because if you lose the signal, you will need to repeat the activation procedure.
  • Unlock the device with the operator. The service is paid. How much is depends on operator requests.
  • Can I sell an iPhone.

Software crash

It is unlikely, but it could be a software failure. How to solve? First of all, restart the iPhone and, if it does not help, upgrade it to the latest firmware version, or roll back the firmware using iTunes.

If iPhone fell into water

If the smartphone fell into the water, after which the SIM card stopped working, it must be thoroughly dried. Do it yourself can only those who have already encountered similar problems. In all other cases, we strongly recommend contacting a service center for help..

If the iPhone fell

… And landed on something hard, most likely, there is a place to be mechanical damage inside. In this case, we also recommend contacting a service center for qualified assistance..