How to transfer photos to a memory card on an Android device?

Modern phones and tablets use excellent camera modules, which sometimes allow you to get professional shots. However, along with an increase in the quality of the images themselves, the size of photographs, which take up a lot of space, is growing. If your device runs out of free space, you should free it. This can be done including using a memory card, to which we transfer the photos and, accordingly, free up space on the device.

Moving photos from main memory to a memory card

In order to transfer images to a memory card, you need the memory card itself installed in your smartphone or tablet, and a file manager.

Here is the memory card:

After you install the memory card in your smartphone, you can make sure that the device “sees” it. To do this, go to “Settings” and select the “Memory” subsection (or “Device Maintenance”, as is the case with Samsung and One UI firmware).

Find the item “SD memory card” here. As you can see, our device recognized the card.

Now you need a file manager. You can use any application of your choice as a file manager, since the transfer process itself will be similar. If FM is already installed in your firmware, you can use it. If not, download using the Google Play Store. We will use Samsung’s built-in file manager – “My files”.

Click “Images”.

Select the files you want to move (press and hold the file, then select others if there are several). At the bottom of the screen, click “Copy” or “Move” – depending on what you need to do.

We go back one step and select the “flash drive” we have added.

If you want to add files to the root of the memory card, just click “Move here”.


You can create a folder by clicking on three points and selecting “Create Folder” from the menu.

Set folder name.

Open it and transfer files in the same way.

As you can see, nothing complicated. In this way, you can transfer other files to the memory card with the exception of applications, or you can transfer it from the memory card to the main memory.