How to reinstall Android on a phone or tablet?

This question is asked by many users of smartphones and tablets based on Android. Indeed, it’s interesting, after all, how to reinstall the system, especially if you had already had experience reinstalling the Windows operating system …

Not so simple. Rather, it’s still easier than it sounds. Let’s say that the smartphone began to slow down, freeze, while no actions help restore its previous speed. What does the user want to do? Most likely, reinstall the operating system. Android has a special function that allows you to make a complete reset, thereby restoring the factory default state of the device. This function is good because you do not need to download the firmware and install it – just press a few touch keys, after which the smartphone or tablet will “reset”, returning to its original state. Conveniently? Not that word.

Of course, if you have a great desire, you can download the same firmware that is installed on your gadget and install it on your device. However, we do not see any sense in this – it is only a waste of time, and often – of nerves. Therefore, now we will tell you how to reset the settings. To do this, use the smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

Please note that when resetting all the information from the device is deleted, you need to take care of backup of the necessary data in advance in order to avoid their permanent deletion.

Find the settings icon on the desktop and tap on it.

The next item is a search in the menu of the “Archiving and Reset” section (it may also be called “Restore and Reset”).

Go to this section, at the bottom of the screen you will see the item “Reset Data” or “Reset Settings”. Click on it.

Here you will see information about what will be deleted from your smartphone or tablet. In addition, if you are logged into one or another account, this will be indicated. Click on the “Reset Device” button.

Now once again confirm the deletion of data by clicking on the “Delete All” button.

The gadget will restart, data will be deleted, which may take some time. At the end of the process, the device will boot automatically. The whole process usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

Reinstall Android via Recovery mode

There is another option to reset the settings through the recovery menu. First you will need to boot into the recovery menu (how to do this, read here), then select the wipe data / factory reset section (it can be called Wipe & Reset).

Then, navigating the menu using mechanical keys, select Wipe All Data and confirm the selection by clicking Yes – delete all user data.

The settings will be reset. At the end, you will need to reboot the device by selecting Reboot system now.