How to recover deleted photos on an Android phone or tablet?

Surely, everyone faced this situation: he tried to delete some photos, but deleted completely different ones! If your smartphone or tablet works on the basis of the Android operating system, not everything is lost, the photo can be restored. However, we warn in advance that this can only be done if the application is granted root rights. If your device does not have root rights, you can install them. How to do this on your device, read the forum Just remember that root rights invalidate the smartphone or tablet.

An example of photo recovery will be shown on a smartphone, you do not need a computer.

Go to the Google Play Market and write in the search for something like “recover deleted photos”, photo recovery, etc. Get a list of applications and choose from them the one you like. We chose the free DiskDigger photo recovery app from Defiant Technologies, LLC.

Install the application, then launch and immediately grant root privileges.

Then you get a message that superuser rights have been granted.

Next, you will see a list of available sections in the Full Scan section. The “Simple Search (Without ROOT)” section does not need to be touched, it was created to search for available images. Select the section where you want to restore photos and click on it.

Now select the files to search. In our case, this is JPG, if necessary, you can also choose PNG (a full advanced file search is available in the Pro version). After selecting, click OK..

The search has begun.

The scan has completed. Before the search, we intentionally deleted two files, one of them was found. Why? It turns out that the second deleted file was in a different section, so the application did not deceive us.

And what does “13 files hidden by settings” mean? Click on the gear and you will see that the minimum file size in bytes that can be displayed is indicated.

Remove this number (put 0), save the changes and see all the images found.

Now restore the image. We select the necessary ones (put a tick), at the top click on the “Recovery” button.

Choose where you want to restore the photo. For example, in a section or folder on a device.

Image Saved.

Open the file manager section and see the restored image.

As you can see, file recovery works.