How to record speech and music with the iPhone

Whether it’s a short voice memo, a piece of music you composed yourself or simply an interesting sound: you can record it with the iPhone.

How to record sound with iPhone

Start the app Voice memos, which is located on your iPhone.

Start icon voice memos

In the program screen you can see a recording button in the lower third in the middle of the screen. (If you have already recorded voice memos, the red recording button is located further up.) Press the and your iPhone will record.

Record button voice memo

Remember that the iPhone’s microphones are on the bottom, on the narrow side, below the home button.

Recording runs

Once you are done with the capture, press the capture button again. To listen to the recording again, press the play button. Then tap Ready. Now you have the opportunity to record by entering a name save or back to Delete.

Save voice memo

To listen to a recording, tap your desired track in the list of recordings and then tap the play icon.

To transfer the recordings to your Mac, start iTunes and activate the option “Transfer screen snapshots” under Music the entry Synchronize music. The option Include voice memos must be activated.

Include voice memos in iTunes

Turn your iPhone into a dictation machine with this app

Philips offers the Dictation Recorder, an app that turns your iPhone into a convenient dictation device.

You can still revise your recordings afterwards and, for example, overwrite passages with new texts or insert something.

If you work a lot with dictation, keeping your recordings in order will be an important task. To do this, the app not only allows you to name the recordings, but also to categorize them, add priority notes or written comments.

Server upload as company solution

For further use, Philips offers a server where memos can be uploaded at the touch of a button. So, as a boss, you could, for example, talk up ideas or tasks to your employees during a long highway drive, and they can access and work on them as soon as they’re uploaded. However, this use is then subject to a charge.

As an alternative to the built-in microphone, you can also use a Bluetooth headset for the recordings. Because tapping the record button is not always the most practical solution, you can set up the program in the settings so that shaking the iPhone works as a start/stop action.

iphone dictate app