How to put an SMS ringtone on a Samsung phone?

In this article we will tell you how to change or set a ringtone for a notification for SMS on a Samsung smartphone. And if you change the melody to another one – quite simply (provided that the melody is built-in), then things are different with your own ringtone. However, there is nothing complicated here either, although the process will take a little longer.

If you decide to just change the melody to another built-in, go to settings.

Select the Sounds and Vibration section..

Tap on the line “notification sounds”.

Next, select a SIM card. Even if one SIM is installed, you still need to choose one of the options. Let’s use the first sim card for an example.

We select a melody by tapping on it, after which it begins to play. If the melody suits you, just click on the “Back” button.

She was installed.

Video instruction

How to set a ringtone on SMS on a Samsung phone?

Now let’s talk about how to set your melody as a ringtone for SMS.

Open the My Files application or any other file manager.

We select the memory of the device where you saved your own ringtone – internal or external (memory card), if any. We have melodies stored in the internal memory.

Find the desired folder with files.

Long press to select a ringtone, then click “Copy”.

Go back to the main memory section and open the Notifications folder.

Tap “Copy here”.

The file was copied to the folder.

Now we’re doing the same thing that was mentioned in the first part of the article: go to the settings, select the “Sounds and vibration” section, then select the “Sounds of notifications” item, the desired SIM and … And we look in the list for the melody that appears in this list, since we put it in the Notifications folder. And here she is – tap on it and click “Back”.


If you transfer a melody from a computer or laptop, immediately transfer it to the Notifications folder, then the ringtone will instantly appear in the section with melodies for notifications. The number of ringtones for this folder, as far as we know, is not limited.