How to make a dual screen on a Samsung phone?

Probably most of the latest Android-based firmware has received a split-screen function. Samsung’s proprietary One UI firmware is no exception – here this functionality is also available, and even more (more on that below). And how to use it, you will learn from this article..

How to split screen on samsung?

First of all, you need to open the applications for which you want to split the screen. In our example, more than two of them are open..

Press the “Menu” button. It can be either on-screen or located on the case.

A list of running applications has appeared. Tap on the icon of the first application (highlighted in red).

A menu has appeared. Click Launch in Split Screen Mode.

The first application is selected, now select the second – just tap on it.

Done, the screen is divided into two parts, you can use applications.

To exit this mode, click on the “Home” button, and then – on the cross on the screen.

Video instruction

In addition, the One UI firmware has another cool feature – pop-up launch. In this case, the application window is superimposed on the screen, it can be moved and not only.

Do the same: click on the “Menu” button, select the application and click on its icon. A menu will appear, in it you must select the item “Open in pop-up window mode”.

And here is the window:

In the settings, you can even adjust its transparency! Closed by clicking on the cross in the corner of the window..