How to install Alice on an Android phone?

Who has not heard about the voice assistant Alice from Yandex? A very funny, and also useful function: you can search for requests on the network, or you can just take and chat with an assistant – he knows how to listen and answer user questions. How to install Alice on your smartphone? Now show.

Open the Play Market on your smartphone.

In the search indicate “Yandex browser” (without quotes). You can specify other Yandex applications with Alice, for example, the Yandex application of the same name, but it is best to use a browser.

Click on the Install button.

Wait until the application is installed on your smartphone. When this happens, the “Delete” and “Open” buttons will appear in front of you. Tap on the last.

After starting J. Browser, click on the voice assistant button.

And grant the rights. You can easily refuse access to the location of the application, but you can’t refuse to record audio, because in this case Alice will not hear you! And will not work.

After starting Alice, you can start asking questions, inquiries, chatting, etc..

Video instruction

What if you still did not grant Alice the right to record audio and at the same time check the “Do not ask again” box? Grant rights manually. To do this, open the “Settings”.

Go to the “Applications” section.

Find an application with a voice assistant – we have Yandex.Browser.

On the application page, tap on the line “Rights”.

And turn on the microphone.

Alice should hear you now.