How to download (save) a picture from the Internet to an Android phone?

On the Internet, a huge number of all kinds of photographs and images. Many of them are protected by copyright, and therefore if you decide to download and save such an image, remember that you can use it only for personal purposes. If you decide to use the picture for commercial purposes, this will infringe on copyrights, which can lead to negative consequences.

So, how do you download the image to your Android smartphone / phone? In fact, everything is very simple. Let’s say you use a search engine and see pictures here.

Click on the image you need to download, for example:

Since Yandex service is used here, there is a separate button for downloading images, it is highlighted by an arrow in the previous screenshot. By clicking on this button, the image will be downloaded and saved on the phone, which he will notify you of.

If you do not observe such a button, for example, downloading an image from another resource, you need to tap on the image and hold your finger until the menu appears. In the menu, click “Download Image”.

Image has been uploaded..

Now another question – where is the image saved? It depends on the firmware version of your device. In our case, the pictures are saved immediately in the gallery:

On other firmware for this there is a “Downloads” folder – in it you will find all the files that you downloaded from the Internet.