How to change keyboard color on Android?

You probably know that for smartphones and tablets based on Android there are a lot of all kinds of keyboards that you can find in the Google Play Market. Some of them allow you to change the color of the keyboard, for example, the Google keyboard. It is on it that we will show an example of a color change, since this is the most popular keyboard and is installed by default on many devices.

Open any application where you need to enter text. It could be a browser. Call up the keyboard. Click on the icon indicated by the arrow in the screenshot and hold until a small menu or gear icon appears.

Click on it and then you will see this kind of menu in which you need to select the “Google Keyboard Settings”.

In the settings, select the “Topic”.

Select a topic of your choice (there are many) and click on it. Please note that you can upload your own image (“My Image”), which will be reflected on the keyboard.

By the way, by default, the keys have no boundaries, but you can set them if you move the slider in the screenshot below to ON.

This manual works for the latest versions of Google keyboards. If you have a version where there is no “Themes” section, then update the Google keyboard application using the Google Play Market and this section will appear.