Developer Log - January 2020

It’s been a while! Let’s get right to it!

Due to exams and Christmas, we didn’t make a whole lot of progress during December. So this log will update you on the progress we made during January (with some December tidbits mixed in).

See the World Through My Eyes

The character squad was busy implementing and perfecting one of the core mechanics - field of vision. This turned out to be quite the complicated task due to the amount of maths and shaders involved.

But our coders managed to prevail! We now have a mostly-functional FOV system that hides other players / NPCs when they are outside the player’s view.

The current FOV status. The yellow cube is an NPC!

More than that, our coders also managed to implement a rudimentary possession system! The idea is that the alien can possess any NPC and move around in their flesh until it outlives its usefulness or the alien decides to dispose of it.

The alien possesses and NPC and then switches back to its original form

Going forward, the character squad will focus on polishing this system and also putting some actual NPCs into the game.

It’s Not Ugly It’s Low-poly

The art squad, meanwhile, worked hard on converting their initial blueprints into full-fledged 3D models that can be later rigged, animated and textured.

First, our player model, the lovable security officer robot:

In case you want to see the model in detail, check out this Sketchfab embed!

Then we have our alien model, which is somewhat more complex. We decided to simplify it down a bit in order to make modelling and other tasks easier. Also included is a complimentary alien sketch render.

Last but not least, the base NPC model. Very striking and stylish, though deceptively difficult to model! There are also some other considerations such as “how should our NPCs actually move given their weird legs?”

The Next Steps

We’re hopefully on track towards our first actual prototype. What that means is eventually putting the individual pieces together so that we have something so present to the general public.

Speaking of which, we actually have some people from the industry (Blazing Griffin) coming in to have a look at our game and give us some valuable feedback!

There’s quite a few people involved in the development now and although circumstances (such as uni) often pull some of us away, we still manage to get things done. And so, hopefully, we will actually manage to finish our game one day!