Error: “You must be logged in to Google Account” in the Play Market. What to do?

Our site continues to talk about errors that users may experience when working with the Play Market online store. Some time ago we parsed the RH-01 error, today we will analyze another error, which sometimes makes itself felt.

The error itself is: “You must log in to your Google account”, the user can see it when he opens the Google Play Market application. And this is how the error looks on the screen of a smartphone or tablet:

The traditional question is what to do. We offer several solutions. About each of – in more detail.

Reboot device

The first thing you should do is reboot your smartphone or tablet. And do not laugh, because this simple action helps in many cases.

If after rebooting you see the same error when connecting to the Play Market, then try another possible solution.

Delete your Google Account from your device.

Everything is simple here – delete your Google account, which is attached to the device, then go through authorization again. Just do not forget the username and password from the account, otherwise the synchronized data may be lost.

Go to settings, find the “Accounts” section.

Select your Google account (there may be several of them on the device).

Open the menu and click “Delete Account” to delete it..

After that, open the Play Market and enter the data again. How to do this, we already told.

Delete data and cache for Play Market

Deleting data and cache for the Play Market app may also help. To remove them, you need to do the following.

Go to settings, find the “Applications” section.

Find in the Play Market applications, click on it.

Click Erase Data and Clear Cache (one at a time).

Please note that in this case the deauthorization of the account in the Play Market will also take place, the data from it will have to be re-entered.

Uninstall Google Play Updates

This step should be decided only if nothing helps at all. Why? Some users complain that after uninstalling the updates they can’t start the Play Market at all, so you perform all the actions at your own risk. In addition, as practice shows, in most cases this solution does not help users in any way.

You already know how to get into the settings of the Play Market application. In the settings of the Play Market, click “Uninstall Updates”.

In this case, the updates will be deleted.