Count cells with content in Excel – three formulas that help

In Excel, if you want to change the Count cells with content? Then read in this tip, how it works.

Excel: Count cells with content

The formula for determining the filled cells is ANZAHL2. How to apply the formula.

  1. Click in an empty cell where you want the number of filled cells to appear.
  2. Tap =NUMBER2(from:to) a.
  3. Instead of from:to enter the cell range, for example=NUMBER2(A1:B5)
  4. Press [Return]. Then the number of filled cells appears.

Read here how to count empty cells in Excel.

Use COUNT2 to count cells that contain digits or text.

Determine number of cells with numbers

To count the cells that contain numbers, use the formula in the example above


Count cells with text

If you only want to determine the number of cells with text, use the formula above

=COUNTWHEN(A1:A5; “*”)


Where to count cells with content

  • You can display in a questionnaire how many cells are already filled with answers.
  • In conjunction with counting empty cells, you can build a nice progress indicator for tables that someone else needs to fill in.