Automatically forward mails from GMX

GMX customers can forward incoming mail to other mail addresses. This is especially useful if you don’t want to retrieve the GMX account for every mail retrieval or if you just want to collect all mails from multiple accounts in one place.

Activate forwarding at GMX

Open GMX and log in.

Then click on Email.

Click e-mail button at GMX

At the very bottom left of the email view you will see Settings. Click once on it.

choose settings

Continue with a click on Filter rules. You will find this in the second column of links in the settings below Folder.

Open filter rules

GMX has already prepared filter rules. But you click on Create your own filter rules.

Create your own filter rules

Then GMX loads the filter rules. Click in it on Sender.

Click on the sender in the filter rules

Select from the list afterwards All new e-mails.

Selection All new e-mails

At Then perform the following action click on Move to folder and then select Forward to.

Select forward to

After that the input field for an e-mail address appears.

Input field mail address

Type in your mail address here.

Typed mail address

Then activate the option Do not apply another filter rule to these emails.

No more filter rules

Almost done. Click now still on Set up filter rule.

Set up filter rule

After that you will see the new filter rule in the list of your self-created filter rules.

Self-created filter rules Advertising

Enable GMX notification

As an alternative to forwarding, you can also set up a notification. Then you will receive a notification as soon as you have new mail in the GMX mailbox. Below we describe how to set up notification.

  1. Click in GMX on E-mail and then select in the bottom left corner of the sidebar the entry Settings.
  2. This is followed by a click on Filter rules.
  3. Click the button Create your own filter rules.
  4. Select in the upper area in the selection list with the default Sender the entry All new mails.
  5. At Then perform the following action use Notify by e-mail to and enter your mail address behind it.
  6. Finally click on Set up filter rule.

This will not forward the mail, but at least you will be informed when a mail arrives. Alternatively, you can also easily retrieve the mails in GMX via POP or IMAP from your mail program.

Filter rule