Added a new or empty tag on a Honor or Huawei smartphone: how to remove?

Smartphone users from Huawei or Honor sometimes come across a “New tag added” or “Empty tag added” notification. Typically, this message appears if the NFC module is turned on, and in the case there is a card that “responds” to the NFC request.

A message might look something like this:

Only it appears in the status bar.

Decision? First of all, it is worth removing the card (bank or transport) from the case. If this is not your case, you need to disable the NFC module and turn it on only if necessary. To do this, you can use the quick menu (or simply curtain):

Or disconnect through the settings. Go to the menu of the same name.

Select “Device Connection”.

Tap on the NFC line.

Disable NFC Module.

This should help. And turn on the module only if necessary.